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We’re a specialist UK SEO agency that help start-ups and small businesses supercharge their growth and get more website traffic that convert into customers.

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Looking for an SEO company? 🧐 

Classeo offers everything you would expect from an SEO partner to provide your business, and more. Our small team work together effeciently to exceed your expectations.

As a UK SEO consultancy, we go above and beyond for our clients. From SEO audits, hands-on implementation, and consultation, we take care of it all, allowing you to focus on building your business.

Illustration of a UK SEO agency working
Illustration of UK SEO agency work

Transparent SEO agency

As an honest & results driven SEO marketing agency, we work with our clients in a clear and transparent manner. As a result, working side by side ensures we fully understand your business and brand to to design your campaign more effectively. 

Plus, you get to see first-hand how our SEO services are improving your business. That’s why we believe we offer the best SEO services in the UK.

Website SEO Services in the UK & worldwide

Your local SEO agency with a global reach

Although we’re an SEO marketing agency in the UK, our website SEO services have seen us work with international brands. A great SEO company should focus on more than higher rankings and traffic. In other words, an SEO expert should consider the bigger picture. Therefore, as an SEO agency, our job is to ensure sustainable success for your business whilst maintaining consistent growth. 

Our holistic approach to SEO means we take a full scope of your business. That means understanding your industry, brand and it’s nuances. As a result, that will allow us to integrate an effective SEO strategy that fits well with your brand, website and overall marketing efforts. 

Organic SEO

We avoid a cookie cutter method and ensure to design a tailored SEO service to your business and goals.

Content Marketing

We create content that strategically meets your audience during different phases of their customer journey. 

Link Building

We work to gain your business links & mentions on authoritative and relevant websites to increase your  value.

Technical SEO

As the basis of an effective SEO campaign, our technical SEO audit will find answers to complex SEO issues.

FAQ - Common SEO related questions

Simply put, Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for short, helps your website increase its visibility via search engines like Google. It’s the practice of improving a website to help it become visible and easily discoverable by people.

Short answer, yes. SEO is necessary for your business’ website needs SEO.

Long answer, although your business needs at least some basic SEO, the level of importance SEO has to your overall business depends. 

That’s why it’s really important for us at Classeo, to understand your business’ needs and goals, to personalise for you the right SEO package. We never sell you more than what you truly need.

Does your business really matter? SEO matters, and should be part of all marketing efforts.

There isn’t one fixed length of time for how long SEO takes. It depends on many factors such as your website’s age and competition levels. However, if you’re consistent and the SEO work is accurate, then within several months you should begin to see results. 

Our clients typically see considerable progress within the first 6 months.

SEO is generally required as a continuous process for optimal results. This needs an SEO monthly plan. In some instances, your website can benefit from a one-off SEO project. This allows a website to improve its rankings and traffic over time. Although, it generally only applies to very low competition sectors.

Package costs for SEO in the UK can vary widely. This is because it depends on a range of factors. These include, how competitive your industry is and the state of your website. It’s important to note that cheap SEO isn’t necessarily reliable SEO. We’re an affordable SEO agency as we mainly work with start-ups & small companies. However, we do have low cost SEO plans which are only suitable for small, local businesses, such as independent cafe’s.
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Are you prepared for your digital success?

Business success in the digital realm can look very different. The metrics you measure depends on the goals you set. Ultimately, it boils down to gaining more exposure for your business and being found by the right customers.

Were many SEO agencies focus on increasing your traffic, we look to increase your revenue. Whether you’re a young start-up or small business, we can help you hit your next business milestone!

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