An SEO Evaluation Featuring Buzzbike

At Classeo, giving back to the start-up & small business community is important to us. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are finding it difficult to stay afloat. That’s why we’ve devised the SEO Evaluation Series as a way to do our part.

Read our first, no-strings-attached SEO evaluation featuring FLOWERBX.

A quick background on Buzzbike

Buzzbike website screenshot

Buzzbike is taking the bike industry by storm by offering premium bikes on a subscription based model.

Some are even calling them the Netflix of bikes.

They are making it easier than ever to start pedalling.

Buzzbike originally developed as a service for people to pick up and ride bikes for free in return for companies placing their advertisements on the bike.

Then around 2019, they decided to experiment with the subscription model. Cutting out the ads.

As a member, you’re entitled to some lucrative perks.

Such as a bike replacement within 24 hours if your bike is stolen and a bike mechanic to sort that puncture.

With the aim of getting people to ride more, members are encouraged to download the app which applies gamification, competition and rewards.

On-page SEO evaluation of Buzzbike

On-page SEO is a subsection of Search Engine Optimisation that looks at optimising individual pages of a website.

It consists of mainly analysing the the content of a webpage, such as keywords, images, page and URL structure, to name a few.

For this SEO evaluation series, we will dive into the homepage, to find easy wins on how they can easily improve their SEO.

The Buzzbike homepage heading structure

It is a well known fact by now that a page’s heading structure is important.

A well structured page allows users and search engine crawlers to read and understand a page.

Headings also define the importance and priority of different sections of your content.

In HTML code, subheadings are delivered by tags: H1, H2, H3, etc.

H1 or Heading 1 is the main heading, with the rest following in size and priority.

According to Google, having a H1 tag on a webpage helps Google understand a webpage.

In our experience, having a one main Heading 1 is a must.

However, on Buzzbike’s homepage, they have wrapped a H1 tag around several subheadings.

Additionally, for some reason, there’s an empty H1 tag (see highlighted in red below).

Heading structure of Buzzbike SEO

It turns out that this H1 tag is actually wrapped around their site logo.

This should be removed.

Here’s a more optimised heading structure for the homepage:

Optimised heading structure of Buzzbike website

It’s worth adding that keywords should also be considered in being included in the headings.

Image Optimisation on Buzzbike’s homepage

Image optimisation or Image SEO is still important.

Here are two ways Buzzbike can optimise their homepage’s (and overall site’s) images.

1. ALT text

ALT text or Alternative Text are strings of text that are added to the image that helps search engines understand the image.

They also help visually impaired users.

The Buzzbike homepage is using a total of 43 images.

Their homepage also has a total of 43 missing ALT tags.

Writing a descriptive ALT text can go a long way.

2. Image compression

Compressing the size of an image can help your page load faster. And thus give your users a better experience when visiting your site.

Since images tend to take a lot of space of a page’s size in KB, it’s worth compressing them.

Buzzbike uses some great visuals where quality matters.

Therefore, aim to find the right balance between maintaining that quality and uploading the low file size.

Title tags & meta descriptions

The homepage is currently not utilising an appropriate title tag.

Title tags are HTML elements that are used to give a specific webpage a name.

They usually have a specific format that also contains the website/brand name, such as:

**Name of the webpage** | **Company name**

The title tag used for the home is just … Buzzbike:

Buzzbike homepage Google search result

With 60 characters to make use of, it would be useful to create a title tag that includes both a target keyword and explains the business.

Additionally, although Buzzbike have made use of meta-descriptions throughout their site, several of the pages are using duplicate ones.

Duplicate Buzzbike meta-descriptions on Google search results

It is best to avoid duplicate content.

For SEO best practices, create unique title tags and meta-descriptions for each page across the site.

The wrap up

The SEO tips shared here are fairly easy to implement. 

It will definitely have a positive effect on the site’s performance.

Although, we’ve just covered the tip of the ice berg, there are more SEO work that can be done on the Buzzbike site.

Buzzbike has been gaining a lot of traction over the past year and receiving a lot of press coverage.

This will undoubtedly have an impact on how Google views their website .

That’s why it is important for Buzzbike to tie up their loose ends to maximise on their momentum.

Banner image credit: Buzzbike.