Our SEO solutions

We devise effective SEO solutions & services that help small businesses and start-ups increase their organic traffic.

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Managed SEO solutions & services

Our SEO management services & solutions are designed to take your business to the next level. An essential marketing channel, our web optimisation services will help you reach your audience. As result, you will gain higher rankings and visibility on search engines and more organic traffic.

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Our SEO optimisation services

SEO Audit

The basis of an SEO project, an SEO audits identifies a website’s issues to see what’s holding it back. Our website SEO audit will include personalised actions to rectify these issues.

SEO Consultation

With the SEO Consultation option, our specialists will help you to implement your digital strategy for your business’ continuous growth.

Local SEO

With the SEO Consultation option, our specialists will help you to implement your digital strategy for your business’ continuous growth.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the most important part of any successful SEO project. Our technical SEO audit will find answers to complex SEO issues. Without the technical experience, your website will be at a disadvantage.

International SEO

For global businesses with an international audience, International SEO can help in growing in new regions. Your website’s search visibility and ranking differs around the world. International SEO will help you rank your website in your chosen markets.

How our SEO services work?

SEO works in many different ways. Unlike other SEO agencies, we’re against locking you into a lengthy contract. We work with simple & transparent SEO packages. This includes flexible, 30 day agreements that allow you to have the freedom to try and benefit from our SEO services. Depending on the SEO package you’ve chosen, our bespoke SEO approach will usually consist of the following:


Our SEO partnership will begin with a brand immersion session. This is vital for us to understand your brand and business. Therefore, we’re able to personalise the right SEO strategy for the best results

Website audit

We will then work on a thorough website SEO audit. The audit will help us analyse where there’s room for improvement. For effective optimisation, our recommendations will be prioritised for the short and long terms. 

Content optimisation

Once our audit and competitor analysis is complete, we will move onto optimising your current content. It’s also important to work on creating new content and pages that will help your business gain visibility.

Unsure what SEO service your business needs?

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Classeo is a local SEO agency with a global reach. Although we’re a London based SEO company, our UK SEO services has seen us work with international clients. We are proud of our SEO work. Our small team of SEO Specialists have delivered considerable growth to a range of businesses.